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Monday, 21 November 2011

the pullover

I'm loving all the knitwear in Zara's November lookbook and I'm inspired by all the different styling. Unfortunately, most of the knitwear available now are the chunky ones for Fall/Winter, not really tropics-appropriate.

As I suggested before, even for us living in perpetual 30deg weather, we don't have to altogether forget our dreams of styling knit in many different outfit combos. The key is to find one with a lighter material, or pick up a cotton pullover! 

This one is just a light cotton fabric so it's comfortable even on extremely hot days. As usual, I picked up mine a few sizes bigger. 

I was going for I-borrowed-my-guy's-sweater look then pair with a feminine piece like this floral balloon skirt.

I normally don't seek out floral prints but I was attracted to this color combo - navy, browns and salmon.

I was wearing: Navy cotton pullover from Forever 21, H&M floral skirt, platform wedges from Romwe.


  1. what is that thing on the floor that looks like a little kid's stool or something?

  2. Hahaha...yes, it's the landlord's.