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Sunday, 29 July 2012

don't leave home without

As my first beauty post, let me share my two best beauty finds as of late.

Body Shop's Brazil Nut Define & No Frizz cream is a blessing. I apply Kerastase's Leave-on Olio curl conditioner and Schwarkopf's hair buff to towel-dried hair. The problem though is that after my hair air-dries, it tends to frizz up. This product is so awesome as it can tame the frizz and makes my hair so smooth and shiny. Also works best with dry hair. 

The hand lotion is from Face Shop (I'm a big fan of their products). I'm an impulsive alcohol applier (um, that is isoprophyl alcohol). Between that and the office air-con, my hands tend to dry up. I swear by this - for baby-soft skin. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

the maxi

This maxi skirt is a leftover from years past, during my days dabbling in bohemian looks. Haven't worn this in awhile, on Monday just woke up and had this urge to experiment with this maxi skirt.

Instead of going all-out bohemian, I decided to balance out the flouncy-ness and girliness of the skirt with my oversized men's tee. 

Love how it turned out. And to complete the whole thrown together look, I put on my yellow TOMS.

This outfit is giving me vacation vibe and reminds me that I haven't had a holiday in a long time!

Piled on colorful leather bracelets and beads and my cocktail ring for that bohemian feel.

I was wearing: Hellas tee from Adidas, maxi skirt gifted by Cuz, Uniqlo belt, shoes from TOMS.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

neon city

My new-ish pair of neon yellow skinny jeans is becoming a new favorite. I love the way is fits like a second skin, yet it's so comfortable. 
The color is a perfect summer look - so fresh and lemony. Ha!

Paired with a versatile denim shirt. Denim is a good option to pair with neon as it's neutral enough to let the bright color take center stage, but at the same time, adds more interesting dynamic than with a solid black or even white.

Accessorized with a touch of blue to match with the top.

I was wearing: Pull & Bear denim shirt and jeans, Charles & Keith court shoes, belt from Landmark (Manila).

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

just in: birthday edition

Celebrated my birthday last weekend. Spent the day quietly, doing my favorite things - steak and lobster lunch, checked out new music at HMV - and of course, picked up Heaven from my wishlist, browsed through new titles at Kinokuniya, finished it off with coffee and cake (and a call from my favorite guy!)

Since it was my day, I treated myself to my favorite gifts to receive - music and literature.  new_bday
I'm a big fan of Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex and have been starved for a new book from him so picked up a copy of his new book The Marriage Plot, Heaven by The Walkmen and a so very 80s Casio digital watch!

At first, I was looking at all the gold Casio's, then I saw this silver and I just fell in love.

All in all, it was a good birthday. 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

chambray + leather

Hello, world! Sorry I've been out of action the past week. I've been so busy the past week that I didn't have much time to take outfit photos. So sharing this one from 2 weeks ago, when we had three consecutive days of rainfall. 

Since leather gilet days comes few and far between lately, took advantage of the weather to take mine out again for a spin.

Paired with my favorite chambray shorts for a more relaxed feel and lots of colorful leather bracelets to evoke the beach holiday spirit. 

I was wearing: Cotton On chambray shorts and button-down, leather gilet from H&M, Charles & Keith court shoes.

Monday, 9 July 2012


My birthday is coming up and this weekend and I thought I'd put together a post series for my wishlist (y'know, in case the Internet gods are reading this). 

First up, this new The Walkmen CD*, Heaven. I've been listening to this new record on You Tube almost everyday and I love how lyrically, the band sounds mature and settled (they are after all married with kids when they made this record) but still maintaining that signature lush and rich sounds. They give off that 1920s jazz sound. 

And since this is a style blog after all, I love the band's styling - they dress as how I imagined 1920s rock band would. 

The band's equally dapper when playing live shows.

Spot Hamilton Leithauser's cool Casio watch. :p

* When I mentioned to our 20-something intern that I am craving for this record and planning a trip to HMV, she looked at me like I just told her to wear daisy dukes and a tank top (i.e. eeeekkk, no!). YES! I STILL buy records. 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

boy vibe

Finally got the chance to wear my bright yellow bermuda shorts.  no rain_1

Picked up this pair from H&M men's section. I really gravitate to the men's cut when I pick up shorts or pants. 
no rain_2

This look also made me realize that I haven't had a summer holiday this year! Ahhh, I long for the beach!
no rain_4

I was wearing: Cotton On tank top, bermuda shorts from H&M, denim jacket-turned-vest, Uniqlo belt, Charles & Keith shoes.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

wear your heart on your shirt

Proudly wore my Hellas tee a few days after they lost the quarterfinal match to Germany. hellas_3

Adidas sells special Euro 2012 t-shirts for the teams they sponsor. 
It's actually really hard to find a Greece football jersey/tee in Singapore. While Germany, France, Spain and England jerseys (and all other merch!) are everywhere, a Greek supporter/fan would be hard-pressed to find one. So I'm glad to see this!

Here I am again mixing this basic tee with a floral skirt. 

I'd like to think that the floral skirt and the colorful bracelets reflect the colors and beauty of the Greek islands. (How's that for symbolic dressing?! :P)

I was wearing: Hellas tee from Adidas, H&M floral skirt (picked up from Athens, actually!), Bayo shoes, leather bracelets from Boracay.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

just in: serendipity edition

H&M Conscious Collection salmon lace skirt - $24.90

Two Fridays ago, I meant to participate at my gym's special Body Pump challenge. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to leave work in time so I didn't make it to class. Since I was already in Orchard Rd, I decided to drop by H&M. I didn't even spot this skirt until I was on my way out. I was drawn to this shade of salmon

and this gold zipper detail at the back.
Thinking of pairing this with a bright blue men's tee, white button-down or denim shirt.

Speaking of denim shirt, the Zara sale is on. Dropped by yesterday and managed to pick this up. 

Zara short-sleeved denim shirt marked down from $69.90 to $49.90

Saw this shirt weeks ago and I already liked the soft denim material and the light wash. But I found it a bit pricey. Patience rewards this time! 

I also like this unfinished detailing on the sleeve.
I can already think of many items in my closet that I can pair this with. Winner!