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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

beauty post: breakouts 911

I've said this before but let me say it again. The best thing about being in my 30s is that my skin is less prone to breakouts (or maybe I've just started using better skincare products) but with an oily T-zone and life's little stresses, it can't be helped that my skin breaks out occasionally. 

I was suffering from crazy breakouts this weekend so I was glad I always keep my little secret in the form of The Faceshop Tea Tree & Bergamot mask in my stash. I woke up this morning and my skin is looking much better - even the zit on my cheek threatening to be full-blown acne has vanished. (I swear this is not a testimonial nor an ad. I just really love this product!) I've been a fan of the Faceshop products for the past 2 years and using their face masks has been a part of my skin regimen. 

I use a mix of different types:

Image from Faceshop website

Since I am not getting any younger, I use this collagen to rejuvenate my skin. I also alternate this with Vitamin C to keep the skin looking fresh and the Aloe to clear the skin and of course the aforementioned Tea Tree & Bergamot to clear skin breakouts. 

It is recommended that you keep this on for 20 to 30 minutes but for me, I just keep it on even as long as an hour. 

In my years of experimenting with skincare products, I've reached one conclusion that they all work differently for each person, even for people with similar skin types the effects are varied. So use with caution. 

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