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Thursday, 3 November 2011

my project

Since we are just several weeks away before the Christmas holidays, I am already starting to work on my mini project. I will be traveling home to Manila and will be spending several weeks there during the break.This time around, I want to be smart  about what to pack for travel (to avoid the highway robbery that is excess baggage). 
I will be reporting to our local office while there and will be spending lots of family and friend get-together's and maybe even squeeze in a mini beach break (if I'm lucky!). With this in mind, I am already starting to think about clothes I will be bringing along. Learning from a successful recent trip, I would need to plan looks ahead of time and focus on garments that I could mix and match with. The key is re-purpose. :)

I am taking a cue from this mix and match ideas from Shopbop as featured in My Daily Style.

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