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Friday, 29 March 2013

make-up post: lip colors

I don't share much make-up posts here because as you've probably have noticed, I don't really indulge much on make-up. I put on the occasional eye liner and blush. Lip color is a must for me though. 

Here are my favorite shades at the moment. 
L to R: "44" from Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine - a classic coral that goes with pretty much all skin tones. "Gorgeous" from a drugstore brand Silky Girl - this is a deep pink shade. When I am feeling playful, I opt for Cover Girl's Enchantress. This is really an impulse buy for me and initially felt self-conscious of the bright pink shade. But actually, it works well on a darker skin tone and complements colorful outfits.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


On off days, I just resort to my good old uniform of knit+pencil skirt and boots. Nothing you haven't seen before.

Love pairing boots with pencil skirts. They keep things from getting too boring and ordinary.

Compensated with accessories. Loaded up on my new favorite Greek bracelets and an old silver choker.

I was wearing: Silver knit from Shana, Landmark (Manila) skirt, flat ankle boots from Zara, accessories from H&M and Athens.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Sustainable style

H&M's Spring/Summer Conscious Collection is now available in-stores. You might have seen this campaign featuring the fabulous Vanessa Paradis. 

Had the chance to see the collection first-hand when I dropped by store yesterday. I'm drawn to the color palette - khaki, salmon, neon yellow and white and bold, eco prints These are my favorites:

Printed pants for $59.90
I'm all about printed pants this season and this one has awesome and versatile print - paired with a simple white top like the styling on top or opt for color with a neon pink tank top.

Embellished khaki green jacket $59.90
In keeping with my recent love for all things camo, this light jacket is perfect layering piece.
Necklace $17.70 
Clear plastic stones with coral detailing. This is the perfect statement piece to add to simple white tees or oversized button-downs.

Monday, 18 March 2013

the printed pants

This pair of silk printed pants is my favorite buy from my recent holiday to Greece.

greek_1 (5)
I love the paisley and colorful print. They are also super comfy.

greek_1 (6)
The best part is I got them on sale for Euro9 from a Spanish brand called Blanco. I hope we get them soon in here in Singapore!

Love the gold-zippered pockets.

I was wearing: Tank top from H&M, Blanco pants, court shoes from Charles & Keith.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

the t-shirt dress

greek_1 (7)
This is the most perfect t-shirt dress I was lucky enough to find. The fit and the length are perfect! A simple t-shirt dress like this is a perfect canvas to either dress up with killer pumps and a statement necklace or like what I did with my first look, I went beachy-casual paired with my gladiator sandals and colorful accessories. 

greek_1 (8)
Take it to work by topping it off with a blazer or vest or make it cold-weather appropriate with a parka and tights.

greek_1 (3)
The slit and the uneven hem are great details.

greek_1 (4)
To compensate the simple outfit, I arm-partied.

Love this t-shirt dress so much that I picked up another one. :P

I was wearing: T-shirt dress & accessories from H&M, Melissinos gladiator sandals (Athens).

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

just in: a little bit greek

Well, hello there! I'm sorry for the extra-long blogging hiatus. Holidays then the demands of work has kept me super busy the past two weeks. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with a more regular blogging schedule.

I share with you some of my buys from my 2-week holiday in Greece. I didn't shop for a lot actually. It is sale season but the shops are offloading their winter wear - winter coats and outer wear, sweaters, leather boots all at 50% to 70% off...but, it's always 30deg at home so I had to pass most of the beautiful coats and leather jackets. 

I did load up on a lot of Greek trinkets though: 

greek_1 (10)

These symbols/charms are believed to ward off το μάτι/to mati or evil eye. 

Also, picked up some printed pants. This tie-dyed drop waist is from a brand called Pink Woman that I picked up on sale for Euros4 in Kos. (I have another pair of printed pants which I will show soon.)

greek_1 (11)

My best-buys though are these non-fashion but very necessary items:
greek_1 (9)
Belt bag, fanny pack, however you want to call it, these are the most unflattering of bags. But between sightseeing and exploring the islands on my bike, these are so useful keeping my valuables - passport, phone, cash & credit cards. 

With a daily 5 deg weather in rainy Kos + spending most of my time in a windy harbour, these finger-less gloves kept my hands nice and warm. Without them, it felt like I was holding on ice for a prolonged period.