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Friday, 18 November 2011

just in: cobalt blue pants

So I planned to drop by H&M yesterday at lunch to check out the Versace collection but it got pretty crazy at work that I couldn't take extra time off lunch. Decided to drop by the store at night after workout, the I looked around the women's collection on the ground floor. There were still some hooker sky-high heels left so I was hopeful for the men's collection. 

Looked around the men's on the 3rd floor and they were all gone! Aaacck! 

H&M did however put some of their old items on sale so I had a look around the store and found this pair of cobalt blue pants. I've been looking for a pair in this color (I found a pair on Topman) so I was glad to see this and marked down at $20! 

These are actually skinny/slim cut but I could only find a size about 2 inches bigger than what I normally wear so it turned into a boyfriend fit. 

Perfect with a simple crisp white shirt or striped yellow top. 

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