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Sunday, 27 November 2011

tis the season

It's the first Sunday of Advent and only 28 days to go before Christmas. (Oh Christmas, your sneaky little!) I'm at the homestretch of Christmas shopping now and have just a few more to go.

In the hopes that the Internet Santa is reading this, let me share my own Christmas wishlist:

1. Denim button-down

I've been craving for a denim shirt since Spring's color-block (I wanted to color-block with salmon shorts) but I couldn't find one with the perfect fit and the perfect shade. This shirt from Zara is my favorite so far.

2. Skirts

You've seen my latest fixation with pencil skirts here and here. For Christmas, I want to get my hands on printed or colored pencil skirts.

I've also been after this draped mustard skirt from Zara and dreaming about pairing it with a simple tailored button-down shirt. *drool*

Actually, I've already requested Cuz for a printed pencil skirt for Christmas. You see, every year, Cuz and I always tell each other what we want for Christmas. It eliminates the surprise but at least it guarantees that you get at least one gift that you really, really love. :P

3. Chunky silvers
Because I can't live without them lately, I've been piling up on my chunky silver collection. Forever 21 has surprisingly awesome silver accessories available at a very reasonable price.

4. Black court shoes
I am super in love with this pair of black pumps. I practically live in them as the style and color can pretty much go with anything - dressed up or down, like in this shot. They also have kitty heels which make them very comfortable. I got this pair from Charles & Keith, a brand not exactly famous for its durability so I need another pair as back-up. 

How about you? Have you started on your Christmas shopping list?

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