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Monday, 31 October 2011

sweating it

Everyone's going crazy with these Philip Lim sweatpants

It looks so comfy and chic. Who would've thought these 2 C's can go together. :P

On the weekend, I also saw a budget version of these sweatpants at Forever 21 selling for $23. The F21 pair looks promising if you want to get in on the sweatpants trend but don't want to break the bank.

Here's my take on this look:
Instead of purchasing a new pair, why don't you dig around in your closet? For this look, I used an actual pair of sweats from Puma. I find that Puma has lots of cool styles that could easily transition from gym to street.

I admit this is not the first time I tried this look. I've worn these sweats as work-pants before when we had to dress up for a sporty-themed happy hour at work.
As with the Philip Lim styling, swap out the running shoes and the sports bra and pair with dressier (with Philip Lim - leather coat and knit) or in a warmer climate, pair with cropped top and a vest (like my attempt here). BTW, that bag is my actual gym bag. I used to carry a Puma gym bag on gym days but since gym days is now almost everyday, I decided to buy a big dressy bag. 

Painted my nails over the weekend. This is actually a bright pink shade but my camera sort of displays it as orange. Just trust me, it's bright pink. :P

To keep the sporty-chic vibe, I wore my layered necklace with the word "Sport" in case my outfit isn't clear enough. Ha!

I was wearing old Puma sweatpants, cropped top gifted from Cuz, old denim vest, Pedro gladiator heels, rings from Santorini, necklace Agnes B Sport, studded cuff from Forever 21.

Friday, 28 October 2011

weekend's almost here

I've had a long and stressful week (despite the mid-week break) so I'm looking forward to a much-needed time off this weekend.
I'm glad that a pair of shorts is now more socially acceptable even in work setting. In fact, you can even go corporate with it by choosing  a tailored pair. However, I often see people make the mistake of pairing casual shorts with casual t-shirts. Remember, casual work outfits is all about balance. One trick is to pair with a more formal top - a blouse like this (or button-downs). Instantly, you take this from shopping in Orchard Rd to your workstation. Loose the sandals, pair with more classic heels (or classic with a twist!) instead.
Fell for this salmon-colored open-toed pumps. Unfortunately, these aren't the most comfortable pair of heels I own and I can only wear them on days when I know I am going straight home.

Have a good weekend!

I was wearing Southhaven blouse, Cotton On chambray shorts, open-toed pumps from Pretty Fit, RayBan wayfarers.

it's that time of year again

"Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it."
This is true, isn't it? How come some girls feel the need to do a sexed-up version of whatever they are supposed to be for Halloween. Meh - sexy is overrated in my opinion.

For the past couple of years now, ever since Halloween (or Office Dinner and Dance or any costume party opportunities) comes around, I always always want to dress up as either of these two women:

1. Meg White 
Jack White's wife-sister is the very epitome of cool chick. She's so nonchalant, unique and just gorgeous! 

I'm in love with this Marc by Marc Jacobs ad. She made disheveled, air-dried hair rock. (Thanks, Meg White. Saves me time in the mornings.)

While I love seeing Meg White in her flowy white maxi dresses or candy-cane costumes on stage, I most love her when she channels 50s glam.

Bright red lips, bright red nails, pale skin, bitch-face. Love it.

Love this look (even Jack White's!)

2. Margot Tenebaum
Royal's brooding, secretly chain-smoking playwright daughter. 

Costume-wise, this would be easy enough to pull off - tennis dress, fur coat (optional), oxford shoes, plastic hairpin, raccoon eyes, cigarette perpetually hanging on mouth (lit is optional for non-smokers like myself) Just a few tiny things though, I'd need a stick-straight wig to copy the bob and I need to cut off a finger. Ha!

Unfortunately, Halloween costume parties are not so popular here in Singapore. We aren't even doing anything in the office on Monday. Boo! (Or, I can continue to hope that we will have a music or movies theme in the next office dinner and dance.)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

another safari inspiration

In case I didn't stress enough on my safari aspirations in my previous post, decided to pair my much-loved utility vest (are you sick of it yet???) with my animal print shorts.
You have to admit, without the vest, this outfit would look like I'm going for a quick nasi lemak run at my neighborhood hawker center. The vest just ties everything together.
Try this out: to make a pair of shorts more work-appropriate, finish off by adding some structure with a blazer or a vest (you can wear a menswear-inspired waistcoat if utility is not your thing).
I hesitated buying this pair of shorts because animal print is not really my thing. But with a black-and-white pair, I feels less self-conscious.

I was wearing Zara top, animal print shorts from Cotton On, Liz Claiborne utility vest, Zara lace-up booties, socks from Commode.

where to shop?

I regularly check out fast-fashion brands like Zara, H&M and Pull & Bear and almost every week they have something new in-store. Save for H&M, these fast-fashion brands' branches are a dime a dozen in Singapore. But let me share my tips on which branches you should be checking out.

Zara ION Orchard
This may not be the biggest Zara branch but I like how everything is laid out - no hidden corners so that you can do a quick once-over and not miss out some gems. It is well-stocked too. I usually go Zara's online catalogue before I head to the store and it's often in this branch that I would find those items from the online catalogue. It also doesn't have that much of a high traffic so you can take your time, you can stand in front of a full length mirror without fighting your way among the crowd, no long waits at the dressing rooms. (I don't think they carry men's in this branch.)

Though the Ngee Ann City branch is the most accessible to me (it's in the same tower as my gym), it is the most poorly maintained. With the high volume of traffic, clothes are always strewn about, items all mixed in the racks, those that are folded look like a hurricane just went through them that it's hard to find anything. It's so stressful and overwhelming.

Pull & Bear ION Orchard
This one is definitely my go-to shop for street style. While the price point is similar to other fellow Spanish brands like Mango and Zara, their aesthetic is more effortless street cool. I love that even as a fast-fashion brand, P&B still has it's distinct point of view - muted colors, oversize fits (my weakness!), tomboy dresses and statement tees.
My favorite branch is again the one at ION Orchard because they are well-stocked especially during the sale season, you won't have a hard time finding things in your size. Another tip, use the men's dressing room to avoid the queues.

Cotton On 313 Somerset
I don't know what it is with this Australian brand that insists on renting out limited floor spaces then taking up as much of this floor space with clothes/displays as much as they can. Don't go into any Cotton On store and expect orderliness. It's just not gonna happen. Even the clothes they take out on display are mostly wrinkled and badly handled. To add to this chaos, extremely loud music (often of the semi-metal crap persuasion) attacks your hearing in the cramped space. Despite these though, I still go because they know how to make button-down's. I find it hard to find a button-down top for ladies that doesn't have those tucks under the chest area or at the back. (Do you know what I'm talking about?) I prefer one that's shapeless and loose and Cotton On knows how to make 'em. I suggest to check out the Somerset branch because they often mark down their stocks -even the new ones - while the other branches sell them at full price.

Happy shopping!

Monday, 24 October 2011

just in: fall staples

Coats, knits and tights are all over the Zara, H&M and Pull & Bear stores. It's funny how us in the tropics dream of walking around in trench coats with skinny jeans and knee-high boots on a regular day. (It's so gloriously chic!) I see girls having fun trying on these looks in-stores. Well actually, I don't think that even if we live in a perpetual 30-deg climate that we should miss out on the fall trends. Ok, before you think I've completely gone crazy - I'm not asking you to walk down Orchard Rd in a fur-lined parka or wool jumper. There are some creative ways that you can incorporate some fall staples into your everyday wear. 


Knit and leather are not just for colder climes.
I've been drooling over a leather gilet ever since I saw it on the men's section at H&M. The problem: it was $199! Thankfully, I saw this recently in the women's from H&M's Divided line retailing for a more reasonable $69. Went one size bigger to simulate the fit of the men's version. 
Wear this with short skirts, midi pleated skirts, with chiffon dresses or as a stand-in for a blazer.

A gray knit has been on my wishlist for the longest time. I found a nice version at Zara TRF. The catch: it was still too thick. Found this thinner, more weather-appropriate version at H&M for a cheaper price too. Pair with printed skirts, over a dress, with pencil skirts. On colder days, you can tap your inner preppy by using as a layering piece with a button-down shirt.

You can even appropriate an old trench coat just like this DIY idea from one of my favorite blogs My Daily Style:

With all this wet weather we've been having lately, you can wear a sleeveless trench like a raincoat.

gray monday

What a way to start this work week - I came in late to work then skipped my usual Body Pump class cause I was feeling listless and sleepy the entire day. Just zero energy. And to top if off, I tried my new foundation for the first time this morning and I really hated it! It was caked and just looked terrible. Thankfully we have a mid-week holiday to look forward to.

Currently loving this men's tee from H&M. Just the perfect shade of dark gray and the perfect comfy fit. Best on days like today.

I was wearing H&M men's t-shirt, Zara striped skirt, Charles & Keith shoes

Saturday, 22 October 2011

ashes and fire

I'm so glad that one of my favorite singer-songwriters, the phenomenal Ryan Adams has finally come out with new music after 3 years. 

Ashes and Fire is on repeat at the moment, particularly this lovely song Lucky Now.

Ryan's also looking very hipster in this in-studio performance.

The entire album and some special live performances are currently streaming on the Ashes and Fire website.


Friday, 21 October 2011

safari nerd

Good news! My optometrist confirmed that my eyesight has improved, albeit slightly. The bad news is, I would still need to wear glasses. Since I was getting a little sick of my old Prada frames, I decided to pick up these new RayBan wayfarer frames. I didn't even know you could get prescription wayfarers but I'm glad cause the wayfarer style is the only frame that helps balance out my wide face. I have a pair in bright yellow.

And here I am with my favorite utility vest again. This time wearing it safari style. This is really my best buy from my recent US trip. This is so versatile. Adds just the perfect touch to make my everyday look more interesting.

A little tip because a skirt like this is a bit short and balloon-ey, I feel more comfortable pairing it with longer and bigger tops to balance out the proportions. (But a skinnier and taller girl can get away with wearing this ballerina style - tucked-in tank top.)

I was wearing Promod tutu skirt, Liz Claiborne utility vest, Charles & Keith pointy shoes, Uniqlo belt, Forever 21 studded cuff.

on off-days

While dressing up is one of the things I look forward to in the mornings, there are just some days when inspiration is sorely missing. Mornings when nothing you put on works. 

Well on days like these, I pull out my favorite pair of skinny denim and a fool-proof top and call it a day.
I like that the angle of this picture makes it look like my legs are a mile-long!

Paired with my new flat ankle boots. These are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Perfect for days when even kitty heels seem like a chore to wear.

I was wearing skinny denim jeans from Terranova, H&M top, Zara ankle boots.

updating an old denim jacket

As promised in a previous post, I will share with you how I updated this old denim jacket.

Tada! I've decided to cut the sleeves off and make a denim vest out of it! (Thankfully, I found an awesome tailor-auntie near my workplace who does awesome jobs like this.) 
I've had this jacket hiding in my closet for awhile now because frankly, it is now one size too small and it would be such a shame to keep this awesome staple hidden. I love it so much I've been wearing almost everyday this week and you will be seeing more of it as I can think of many other ways to wear this.

The red pants, the denim vest - this looks feels so 80s save that the t-shirt pays homage to one of the most defining bands of the 90s. Ha!

Also wore it on our office's Purple Day when our founder was in town for a visit. And yes, that checked purple-and-green shirt is the only purple I could find.

The earth-y color combination works well with my orange nail polish, I think.

Going to your local tailor to have your older clothes re-sized or re-styled is one of the best and cheapest ways to update your wardrobe. 

I was wearing: 
First look - Nirvana tee from H&M, Ma's hand-me-down red pants, Charles & Keith shoes
Second look - Regatta top (hand-me-down from Ma), Mossimo skinny cargo pants, belt from Uniqlo, Charles & Keith shoes
All with denim vest courtesy of Rensky

feeling mod-ish

I'll make this a quick one since I'm in a pile of to-do list this Friday afternoon. 

I just wanted to share this look before it gets buried in my flickr photostream. :P

I adore the mix of the black and white stripes (I'd like to think it's a bit mod-ish stripes) and the bright green men's tee. Sometimes, I often resort to pairing blacks or whites or more neutral tones like navy or nude on a prints but slowly I'm trying to experiment with more color. These two pieces are my two favorite garments at the moment. (I'm sure you've noticed as both have already made previous appearances. :P). And they are cheap too! Together they only cost me less than $20. I'm so glad H&M is finally in Singapore!

I was wearing H&M skirt and men's tee, lace-up booties from Zara, silver bracelets from Forever 21.

Thursday, 20 October 2011


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chucks vs nikes

I think my much-loved pair of Chucks are getting ready to retire.

I'm in the market for a replacement. Initially I was thinking of getting another pair of Chucks (maybe in blue this time), but then I saw that Nike is reviving the Oceania line and this pair is in serious competition with the Chucks. 

I could also wear this as a stand-in for gym shoes, especially when I travel and don't feel like packing my trusty running shoes along. 

Will have to drop by the Nike store to try them on and see how well they blend in with street clothes.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

just in: library edition

I've never tried reading Jules Verne until Margaret Atwood referenced this author when she was explaining the science fiction genre, and its sibling, speculative fiction. I was intrigued and picked up a copy of Around the World in 80 Days at the public library. I was surprisingly delighted by Verne's storytelling and the book's sense of adventure, that I decided I wanted to get more familiar with Verne's catalogue. Unfortunately, Journey to the Centre of the Earth is always on loan at the public library. Finally picked up a copy today and got an awesome 3-for-10 bucks deal at MPH!

Incidentally, classics are an awesome way to go if you want to purchase new titles when on a budget. Most classics sell for less than $5 and you are guaranteed of some wonderful reading. I remember those times when I was living in Manila and had little to spare on books (they are incredibly expensive in Manila!), I would drop by Goodwill bookstore in Glorietta and pile up on their classics, which they were selling for P60 a pop (about $2!). This is how I've discovered Madame Bovary, one of my favorite books of all time. 

sneak peek

I've had this denim jacket since 2001 and I used to wear it buttoned all the way to the top with a pair of brown wide leg pants. Very Calvin Klein perfume ad. 
10 years later and I'm still in love with this jacket. Stay tuned to find out how my refreshing new take on this much-loved staple.

challenge: how to bleed purple

So our office chief is in town and we are requested to come to work tomorrow proudly wearing our company color of purple. 

I guess I can always borrow Ma's purple top (I don't have anything purple in my closet.), which I usually pair with my neon-ish red shorts. But tomorrow's event is no time for wearing a pair of so-casual shorts, I'm afraid. To pair with jeans though is just boring and predictable. 

To the drawing board...

Sunday, 16 October 2011

90s kid

Originally posted on Impossible Girl blog.

Every time I watch a 90s music video on youtube, I'm bound to come across a comment of someone waxing lyrical for that time of grunge/alternative music and Generation X jadedness. While I do feel nostalgic for the 90s (my go-to playlist on Launchcast is 90s Alternative), I feel so lucky that I experienced the 90s first-hand. I was in high school when the Seattle grunge scene exploded, when Clueless and Singles were playing in theatres and when kids aspired to be angsty.

One other 90s phenom I remember well is the 90s fashion of babydoll dresses, Doc Marten boots, torn-up jeans and plaid skirts. 

Kurt Cobain in ripped Levi's
Nowadays, you can pick up a pair of jeans conveniently ripped up for you. In the 90s, I remember kids DIY-ing that. 

Winona Ryder in Reality Bites
Unfortunately, I can't find a pic that has a full shot of the outfit. Winona Ryder looked so so good wearing a t-shirt and oversized jeans. Please, Katie Holmes didn't start the whole boyfriend jeans trend. Kids from the 90s were already wearing jeans two sizes bigger.

Courtney Love
I remember I used to own a checkered babydoll dress that I bought from Kamiseta! Like Courtney Love, I also paired it with boots. 

Alicia Silverstone in Clueless
This movie started a whole style trend! And like me, did you also dream of having a computer mix and match your outfits for you? 

This is my take:

Wore the 90s uniform of flannel shirt and ripped jeans. I intended to wear my booties with this outfit but with the downpour this morning, I decided against it.

Keeping the tail of my shirt un-tuck is one of my favorite style tricks. Stylishly disheveled is the goal.

I was wearing Cotton On flannel shirt, Levi's classic 501s, belt from Uniqlo and pointy shoes from Charles & Keith.

just in

Last month, when I bought my pair of lace-up boots from Zara, I promised myself that that would be the last pair I buy for the year. 

But when I dropped by Zara yesterday I just couldn't resist.
What's in the box?

So I picked up this new pair of black flat boots. Just perfect for short skirts and dresses, a pair of skinny jeans or printed shorts. Can't wait to take it out for a spin.

rock + romance

Originally posted on Impossible Girl blog.

In my previous post I showed you the cool utility vest I picked up from Liz Claiborne. I'm in love with it and it so perfectly complements my style point of view (feminine pieces mixed in with boyfriend basics).

On a rainy Wednesday. Added structure to my floral balloon skirt.

These pockets are extremely useful too!

The vest just gave this sugary sweet chiffon dress just the right amount of edge.

So casual paired with this tie-dyed maxi dress.

I was wearing:
First look - Zara nude oversized tee, floral skirt from H&M, Bayo shoes
Second look - Unica Hija dress, gladiator heels from Pedro
Third look - Maxi dress from a random shop in Chinatown (that cost SGD10!), Melissinos sandals and leather satchel from Athens
All with Liz Clairborne utility vest

favorite style keyword: utility

Originally posted on Impossible Girl blog.

Two weeks ago, I flew to the other side of the Pacific for a week-long summit in Sunnyvale then a side trip to my tita and tito's in Houston. Although this is my second time in US, I didn't get a chance to go sightseeing or check out the shopping scene the first time. So I jumped at the opportunity to extend my stay and have a little fun.

The first thing I did was ask my Tito to take me to Target - in search for Missoni mostly. Unfortunately, the only thing left in the Missoni rack was a pair of black pumps (in my size actually). But I wasn't so crazy about it. (On second thought, I SHOULD'VE picked it up since I hear Missoni for Target bids on eBay can pay for my future children's college education.) So I passed.

No worries though as Target carries lots of other affordable brands. (It's like a freakin' SM!!!)


Got this pair of skinny cargo pants on sale at USD$24 from Mossimo. Remember that brand Mossimo, btw? My all-time favorite denim skirt is from Mossimo. Do they still have the outlet in G4?

And because no American sightseeing tour is complete without it, I went outlet-shopping in Houston. Ha! I didn't buy the usual American outlet shopping staples like Coach or Polo Sport (not a fan!).

utility _1

I did manage to get my hands on this utility vest from Liz Claiborne. It's a little pricier that I expected but it's perfectly well-made and I've been wearing this almost on a daily basis recently that I have ROI'd at this point. 

In the next post I will show you the many different looks I've created with this utility vest - my favorite accessory at the moment!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

casual Fridays

Work was particularly heinous this week so was glad to finally welcome Friday! 

To balance out the extremely casual slouchy button-down and chambray shorts, I decided to mix in with classic accessories - black pointy shoes and shoulder bag. I was thinking of an unexpected way to wear this look so I thought it would make this more interesting with the mix of classic pieces.

Borrowed this classic shoulder bag from Ma. You'll rarely see shoulder bags like this anymore. I'm loving this and will probably borrow this a lot more often. :P
Then, I piled on my favorite leather bracelets for color. It's Friday after all!

I don't think you can see it clearly, but I picked up a new metallic polish shade and I'm loving it! It's actually gold but when the sunlight hits it, it looks a little silver-ish.

I was wearing: Button-down top and chambray shorts from Cotton On, Charles and Keith pumps, bag borrowed from Ma, leather bracelets from Boracay and DIY.

h&m pleasantville

* Originally posted in Impossible Girl blog.

Last month, the much-anticipated H&M has finally opened its doors in Pleasantville. For the past 2 weeks after opening day, queues were snaking outside the store and there was about 2 hours waiting time just to get in the store. 

Thankfully, the excitement has died down and now shoppers can freely walk in even during peak hours. Ha!

I've had a look around the 3-storey store and was a little underwhelmed with the ladies' collection. (I guess cause there's a lot of F/W items, which are lovely but useless in our 30 degree climate!) The men's though are so interesting - bright green slacks, leather gilet, red nautical shorts, colorful striped tees. 


Looks who's still color-blocking! Got this bright green men's tee. I love pairing basic men's t-shirts with more girly pieces like this striped bandage skirt. I love the proportion it creates and how it helps "tone down the sexy". 

Love the drop sleeves. I can wear with fluorescent pink bra, if I am feeling bold. 


Used a similar style trick (bandage skirt + men's tee) at our summit in Sunnyvale. I brought along pink/yellow tights but thankfully, the weather was warm enough for bare legs. :D

I was wearing:
First look - Zara skirt, Drop sleeves men's tee from H&M, shoes from Charles & Keith, bracelets from F21 and DIY
Second look - Skirt and tee both from H&M, lace-up booties from Zara, leather studded bracelet from F21