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Sunday, 12 February 2012

just in: nude pumps

Dropped by Zara yesterday with just a plan to browse but then I found this pair of nude pumps, tried them on and fell head over heels.
I need to buy a new pair anyway for my cousin's wedding in March. (Yup, that's my excuse!) Actually, I've been looking for a similar pair in black that Zara released last year. Saw them everywhere in blogs, like Carolina Engman's metallic pair. Sadly, I don't think this style was ever made available here in Singapore. So I'm glad I finally got my hands on a similar pair and in nude (I don't own a pair of nude heels yet) is a nice bonus.

Now since the main purpose for these heels is for my cousin's wedding in March, I have to control my EQ and refrain from wearing them. But I do plan to wear them once or twice them before then to break them in. (Yup, that's my excuse!)

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