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Sunday, 16 October 2011

90s kid

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Every time I watch a 90s music video on youtube, I'm bound to come across a comment of someone waxing lyrical for that time of grunge/alternative music and Generation X jadedness. While I do feel nostalgic for the 90s (my go-to playlist on Launchcast is 90s Alternative), I feel so lucky that I experienced the 90s first-hand. I was in high school when the Seattle grunge scene exploded, when Clueless and Singles were playing in theatres and when kids aspired to be angsty.

One other 90s phenom I remember well is the 90s fashion of babydoll dresses, Doc Marten boots, torn-up jeans and plaid skirts. 

Kurt Cobain in ripped Levi's
Nowadays, you can pick up a pair of jeans conveniently ripped up for you. In the 90s, I remember kids DIY-ing that. 

Winona Ryder in Reality Bites
Unfortunately, I can't find a pic that has a full shot of the outfit. Winona Ryder looked so so good wearing a t-shirt and oversized jeans. Please, Katie Holmes didn't start the whole boyfriend jeans trend. Kids from the 90s were already wearing jeans two sizes bigger.

Courtney Love
I remember I used to own a checkered babydoll dress that I bought from Kamiseta! Like Courtney Love, I also paired it with boots. 

Alicia Silverstone in Clueless
This movie started a whole style trend! And like me, did you also dream of having a computer mix and match your outfits for you? 

This is my take:

Wore the 90s uniform of flannel shirt and ripped jeans. I intended to wear my booties with this outfit but with the downpour this morning, I decided against it.

Keeping the tail of my shirt un-tuck is one of my favorite style tricks. Stylishly disheveled is the goal.

I was wearing Cotton On flannel shirt, Levi's classic 501s, belt from Uniqlo and pointy shoes from Charles & Keith.

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