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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

vintage: from ma's closet

A couple of years ago, I raided Ma's closet for all her old dresses. You see Ma has always been a jeans and blouse type of girl but on special occasions, she would go to her modista, Aling York to have dresses made. I remember as a kid going with her to one of these trips where she'd spend hours poring over catalogs for dress ideas. 

She can no longer remember which special occasion she had this dress specially made for. Ha! I love the color (old rose) and the pleating!

With Ma's (again!) classic shoulder bag. To take this look from the 70s to 2011, I decided to pair with platform shoes with socks (how current is that?!) instead of the expected pumps.

Socks + the wooden heels remind me of the Japanese slippers.
A little tip: often when we wear socks with shoes, we lose our feet lose their natural grip on the shoes and accidents can happen. I suggest that you buy those gel-type of inserts to make them less slippery. They also add extra cushioning on the balls of your feet.

I was wearing: Ma's dress, Ma's bag, Martina Pink platform shoes, socks from Commode.

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