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Monday, 30 January 2012

leopard and leather

Ugh Monday! Where'd the weekend go?
I thought I'd spice up the start of the week by pairing my leopard print pants with my leather gilet.

There's just something about leopard print that works so well with a leather highlight doesn't it?

Mixed in my favorite green men's muscle tee to add some color.

Have a great week ahead, friends!

I was wearing: Men's drop sleeve tee from H&M, pants from Divisoria, H&M leather gilet, wedges from Sapato Manila.

Friday, 27 January 2012

casual Fridays

Here's my little trick for dressing up casual outfits:

Pair a simple pullover or tee with a statement necklace.
Chokers add a chic touch to an everyday top.

Instead of flats or TOMS (eeek!), go with pointy heels. 
I adore the contrast of pairing classic pumps with casual pieces - like here.

Dug up this old pair of Levi's (523 men's). Haven't worn this since '10 at the height of my boyfriend jeans fixation. And I am loving this light-wash shade. 

Oh and as a little aside, I am having a good hair and skin day. :P (Will share more of my newly found beauty secrets soon.)

I've spent everyday this week working hard at the gym and now, I am enjoying a quiet evening in to rest and recover. Have a good weekend!

I was wearing: Pullover from Forever 21, Levi's 523 men's jeans, Charles & Keith pointy heels, bag from Parfois (Manila), choker gifted by my co-worker, studded leather cuff from Forever 21.

let's rock

I'm so in love with my denim shirt that I decided to break my own rule and wore it again this week.

This is a twist to the classic yuppy uniform of shirt + pencil skirt. Swapped out the crisp white shirt for a slouchy denim. 

Opted to wear my flat ankle boots instead of pumps - less as a fashion statement, but more so that my feet could take a break from heels. 

I was wearing: Pull & Bear denim shirt, pencil skirt from Landmark (Manila), Zara ankle booties.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

summer inspiration

Though I am not a big fan of her music, I love watching this Gwen Stefani music video from 2005. I love the styling - very Dolce & Gabbana resort. Oh, to be enjoying a Mediterranean summer!

For my friends in Philippines, are you ready for summer?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

just in: classic black pumps

I've been looking for another pair of classic black pumps as alternative to my super favorite pair from Charles & Keith. (I've been wearing them so much they need a quick visit to the shoe doctor.)
Found this pair at 20% off. 

I admit these aren't my first choice because of the detail at the back. But after trying them on I think they add a nice unique touch to a classic pair. The heels are also a few inches higher than my favorite pair so will need to break them in.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

gong xi fa cai

Happy Lunar New Year! To mark the occasion, I decided to wear the auspicious color red. 
I have been having this fixation with the red pants lately so I'm glad I finally managed to get my own pair.

And speaking of fixations, I've been searching far and wide for a denim shirt and have even asked Santa for Christmas. Well I finally found one at the Pull & Bear sale! Denim shirt is perfect worn with bright colored pants like how I wore it here or as a complement to balance out a girly dress or skirt. 
I love the details like the white buttons and the pocket "shadow".


I was wearing: Skinny red pants from Forever 21, Pull & Bear denim button-down shirt, lace-up booties from Zara.

Friday, 20 January 2012

plaid + denim

No, I didn't suddenly turn into a hipster! This look is more like a nod to my favorite era - the 90s.

And since I am channeling 90s here, I thought I'd try something:
Ha! Doesn't black+white just recall those 90s Calvin Klein print ads?

Once more, with attitude:

Of course a 90s look isn't complete without the chunky silvers and leather.

Well, today is the start of a long, festive weekend to welcome the Year of the Dragon. Can't wait to spend mine at my favorite place in all of Singapore - the gym! (And maybe catch a movie too!) 

I was wearing: Flannel shirt from Cotton On, Terranova jeggings, flat ankle boots from Zara, Uniqlo belt.

the choker

Remember the silver choker I showed you on my previous post? I decided to wear it with a simple white Oxford shirt - a great subtle detail to add to everyday outfits.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

just in: red skinny pants

I have been in search of a pair of red skinny pants even before the holidays. I intended to wear them at Christmas. Unfortunately, the pair that I have been eyeing at Zara was so ill-fitting that I gave up all hope. But, better late than never! I've finally found the perfect pair (great fit + great shade) of red skinny pants at Forever 21 - and at a great price too ($39)! Meanwhile, the pair from Zara cost $69 - good things come to those who wait, indeed.

Also dropped by H&M and found some interesting new accessories. As you probably have noticed, I'm into chunky silvers so I've decided to pick up this silver choker for a great  - and this time - subtle accessorizing.

I couldn't resist this leaf-shaped ring. I think it recalls a bit of Grecian style. Even Ma picked up one for herself.

the new length

long skirt_1
Thanks to my dear cousin for this pair of midi pencil skirt in the absolutely perfect shade of yellow. Instead of the usual black blouse, I decided to pair with my new snake print top in navy. 

long skirt_2
This season is all about this new skirt length and most fast fashion brands have them in different colors and prints. I think this is a great alternative to typical corporate uniform of black pencil and a button-down. (Don't I look a bit like a librarian here? :P)

long skirt_3
One thing with new length though - absolutely no flats (especially ballerina flats as I see so many ladies in the CBD tend to do.) This must be paired with heels. I wore my ever dependable courts with kitty heels as I had to run some errands on my lunch hour, otherwise stilettos or platforms will work so well with this. 

Thoughts on the midi skirt?

I was wearing: Mustard yellow midi pencil gifted by Cuz, Collezione snakeskin-printed top, pointy heels from Charles & Keith.

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Wore my new favorite knit again on Friday since we were still enjoying cool weather here in Singapore. (And today it's 34deg and muggy!)

I got a lot of arm candies for Christmas - the black leather cuff and the silver bracelet next to it are both gifts while I picked up the tiny skeleton bracelet from Parfois. 

I was wearing: Navy knit sweater from SM Surplus, Zara skirt, loafers from Trois + Inch.

gone wild

Finally felt bold enough to wear my new pair of animal print pants. Initially I thought of wearing it with a bright salmon top but with the color and the print, I feel too self-conscious - almost like Peggy from Married With Children. That's the thing about buying animal prints - they could so easily go wrong. So decided to pair with my favorite button-down white shirt. The pants are loud enough so it's best to keep the rest of the outfit subdued.

Here's a closer look at the print.

My new pair of color-block wedges helped keep the rest of the outfit neutral.

I was wearing: Cotton On oversized shirt, animal print pants from Divisoria (Manila), wedges from Sapato Manila, Parfois bag.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

the un-sexy

In the few short months since the inception of this blog, the one constant in my looks are oversized, boyfriend fits. Aside from comfort and the fact that oversized tops are so chic and can pretty much work with anything and on anyone, I prefer them because they make me feel less self-conscious. You've seen me use this trick paired with my bandage skirts and even skinny pants. When challenged with a bandage dress, I've decided to go to a similar direction.

To make this clingy bandage dress un-sexy and work-appropriate, I decided to layer:

I've gone all out with the safari theme this time by topping with my ever-reliable utility vest. You can also wear a light cardi as a stand-in for the vest, but instead of buttoning it up, cinch with a belt like what I've done here for a little spin. Another idea is to wear as a skirt paired with a dark colored knit and some pearl necklace. 

Create a silhouette with a large belt. See, works well for daytime without attracting catcalls from the construction site workers across the office. (I kid! People in Singapore don't actually do that. Ha!)

Also, I wanted to show my new satchel/shoulder bag.  A Christmas gift from Ma. I love it so much. It's the perfect size (fits my daily essentials like wallet, phone, small notebook, lip gloss, face powder and book.) and love the unique charcoal color. We picked this up from a new store in Glorietta 4 (Manila) called Parfois. Despite a French name, the brand is actually from Portugal. Its Portuguese roots are pretty evident in their jewelry designs that recall bohemian, almost gypsy aesthetics. Check out their chunky silver bracelets (my personal weakness!), unique cocktail rings and statement earrings. If you are in Manila, you can visit their store in Glorietta 4 G/F across Terra Nova. 

I was wearing: Zara nude bandage dress, utility vest from Liz Claiborne, Uniqlo belt, gladiator sandal heels from Pedro, bag from Parfois.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

cold front

We've been enjoying a most welcome dip in temperature in the past few days. While January/February often brings in monsoon rains in Singapore, this cool weather is still quite unusual.

I've taken this sudden "drop" in temperature as a perfect opportunity to incorporate warmer elements into my looks.

On Monday
Wore my H&M leather gilet. 

The leather vest added a bit of rock and roll on this ensemble. 
The pants are hand-me-down's from my Mom and was stuck unworn in my closet for the longest time because I struggled with a good top to pair them with (I just knew I wanted to stay away from white as I didn't want to end up looking like a National Day costume). So I'm glad to discover that navy perfectly complements this bright red pair.

Oversized cashmere sweater
I am so obsessed with the knit/pullover+pencil skirt combo.
To avoid looking shapeless, you can bunch the sleeves up to the elbows (Sorry I forgot to take a photo.) or cinch with a belt.

...And just in case it gets warmer during the course of the day, I wore a black top underneath. 

I'm loving this new midi length (and pencil skirts in general!). They automatically make one feel elegant and sophisticated and are so flattering for almost any body type.

Accessorized with chunky silvers and a leather bracelet.

The downside to this weather is that after being caught under a light rain during my afternoon coffee run, I feel the beginnings of a cold. Ma's noodle soup and a good night's rest should help do the trick.

I was wearing
On Monday: Polka-dot loose top from H&M, Ma's hand-me-down pants, H&M leather gilet, Charles & Keith court shoes.
Today: Striped midi skirt from Rockwell Powerplant Mall (Manila), Topshop top, cashmere jumper from SM Surplus (Manila), Charles & Keith court shoes, F21 chunky silver bracelets, Parfois skeleton bracelet, leather bracelet gifted.

wish i had

After I got back from my holidays, I promised myself to save! save! save! But then I come back to Singapore and welcomed with all the end of season sale. 

I've checked Zara over the weekend and saw that the two-tone court shoes are now on sale for $99! (available in my size too!)

I've been mulling over buying this pair since Sept/October when I saw them in stores. I've tried them on many times but I hesitate because of the height. But pretty.

Reminds me a bit of this pair of Isabel Marant pumps.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

just in: color-block wedge sandals

These wedges and I are MFEO*. I saw this pair last year but right when I was about to pay for them, I saw some stains on the leather so I decided to forego buying them. But just my luck, I found a similar pair when I dropped by the store again during my recent Manila holiday...and at half off! 
They remind me of Marni wedges. I think they will look great with socks or stockings too. 
Picked this up from Sapato Manila located at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell. I always make it a point to drop by this store since I love the quality of the craftsmanship of their products.

*MFEO - made for each other

just in: haul from Manila

I love shopping in Manila. My best bets are department stores like SM and Landmark for their wide selection and affordable prices. This year, I also managed to sneak in a visit to the infamous Divisoria (my first ever!) - bazaar teeming unfortunately with pickpockets, but also great finds! 

Pencil skirts - in the new shin length.
Green and black striped skirt from Rockwell.
Mustard yellow gifted by Cuz. As I have hinted here, I've already requested my cousin for a pencil skirt as Christmas gift and I got my wish.
Can't wait to take these babies for a spin.

Animal print - This is everywhere in Manila. This print is tricky. When not picked well, it can look gaudy.
Snake print top from Collezione in SM - was drawn to this piece because the print was done using a navy shade instead of the typical black or brown. This might work well with the mustard skirt above or simply paired with a pair of skinny jeans.
Leopard print pants from Divisoria - Got this for the bargain price of P200 (S$7)!!! I think this will go well with bold colors like green, orange or fluorescent yellow. 

Colorful jumper - Gifted by my Aunt who picked this up from her recent trip to Korea. Still thinking of how else I can wear this aside from pairing with the usual leggings.
Navy oversized sweater - Picked this up for P300/S$10 from SM's Surplus store. 
Since I've been on this  knit/pullover fixation lately and was already planning to get one in navy, I was lucky to find this for a great price. 
Dark blue sleeveless button-down - Another great Divisoria find for only P300/S$10! I think this will work well with the mustard yellow pencil skirt. 

It's more fun in the Philippines indeed.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Happy New Year, friends!
Sorry for the lack of updates in the last 2 weeks. I've decided to take a mini break during the holidays. But now, I've got lots of photos to share and some great purchases from Manila that I will share with you in my next post. 

new year_1
On my first day back to work, I decided to keep the festive spirit by color-blocking bold hues of blue and salmon. 

Hope you had great holidays.

I was wearing: Tee from Topshop, H&M cobalt blue pants, belt from Uniqlo