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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

home for the holidays

Sorry for being MIA. Between traveling home, doing some last-minute Christmas shopping and getting horribly sick, I haven't got much time for my blog lately. I promise I'll be posting some outfits soon.

Except for some comfy espadrilles (picked up after walking around Greenbelt all day in heels) and a navy boyfriend style cashmere jumper (from SM Surplus store for only PHP300/$10), I haven't done much shopping at all. I did spy a cute pair of ankle boots in Glorietta but haven't had time to check them out and try them on. Planning to drop by soon when my official holiday starts on Friday.

In case I don't get to talk to you before the holidays, have a good Christmas. May you be surrounded by friends, family and people you love the most.

Image from the Ayala Triangle light-up

Sunday, 11 December 2011

challenge: bridesmaid's dress

So my cousin is getting married in March and she asked me to be her Maid of Honor. In the next 2 weeks, we will be going for dress fittings, etc and up until now I still have no idea on the Maid of Honor dress. My cousin is completely letting her entire entourage call the shots with regards to the dress just as long as we follow the color theme: color-blocking using MnM colors too - red, green, yellow, blue and orange, I think. 

Before I finalize on a color-combo, I am searching the World Wide Web for some ideas. 

Image from
Who better to use as color-block inspiration than Prada?! I really love this dress but I am not sure if I can pull off the ruffled hem. And this dress works because of the awesome color combo - I am not sure the MnM colors will hold up well. Also, I want my Maid of Honor dress to be at least re-usable, this would seem sort of dated. It already feels dated, tbh.

Image from Isabel Marant website
While this is from the Ready to Wear collection, I do love this!  I love this structured voluminous top and a simple silhouette at the bottom. I may have to apply some minor adjustments here and there like use a different fabric to make more formal and a longer hemline for the skirt. 

Now I have to think about which color combo this will work in. The top begs to be in a deeper shade. I feel a light color will make this look very clown-like. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

just in: men's tee

Over the weekend, I went for another round of Christmas shopping and ended up picking up this men's tee with drop sleeve for myself. I got this from H&M for only $14! (Let me just go off topic for a sec. I also dropped by Topshop/man and can't believe their basic t-shirts cost $30+. Have they always been unreasonably priced or has H&M spoiled me?)


I was drawn to the impressionist-ish print and I'd like to think that the green cargo and gold accessories highlight the colorful details of the tee's print.

I'm not sure why but I am practically in skinny cut pants lately. I am actually thinking about picking up another pair (likely red one from Zara's TRF).

I was wearing: Mossimo skinny cargo, men's t-shirt from H&M Divided, court shoes from Charles & Keith, necklace from Santorini, Forever 21 studded cuff.


I am starting to fall in love with skinny jeans again. This pair is actually stretchy jeggings so they are extra comfortable. 

This is an old top and I wish it was one or two sizes bigger.

I love pairing my skinny jeans with my flat ankle boots. 

I was wearing: Terranova jeggings, Southaven blouse, boots from Zara.

Saturday, 3 December 2011


You know it still puzzles me how I still see some girls wearing sandals even with this monsoon weather we've been experiencing almost everyday now. It's just not practical (not to mention gross wet feet.) Sudden downpours is so common here in Singapore that I expect people to be more prepared to face the wet weather.

For me, on days like these, I stick to my good old Chucks:
On rainy days, the office also becomes Siberia so I decided to wear my warm, cozy knit. Didn't I tell you fall staples can work in the tropics too? ;P

I surprisingly channeled preppy with the knit+Chucks combo. Adore this look - super comfy and perfect on rainy Friday mornings. 

I was wearing: Forever 21 skirt, white tee from Mango, H&M knit, shoes from Converse.


December has finally arrived - the month of eating, drinking and being merry. I'm already working out doubly hard at the gym whilst listing in my head the things I am going to eat when I get to Manila - puto bumbong, bibingka and empanada - are the top 3 things I am craving for now.

Thought I'd welcome the festive month with something equally festive - this hot pink skirt. I've had this in my closet since April and haven't had the chance to wear it until now.

Kept the shirt partly tucked to display the skirt's ruching.

Pairing a girly, short skirt with an oversized men's basic like this pullover is one of my favorite looks. 

Sorry for the bad pictures, folks. 

I was wearing: skirt from H&M, Forever 21 pullover, open-toed ankle boots from Romwe.