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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

where to shop?

I regularly check out fast-fashion brands like Zara, H&M and Pull & Bear and almost every week they have something new in-store. Save for H&M, these fast-fashion brands' branches are a dime a dozen in Singapore. But let me share my tips on which branches you should be checking out.

Zara ION Orchard
This may not be the biggest Zara branch but I like how everything is laid out - no hidden corners so that you can do a quick once-over and not miss out some gems. It is well-stocked too. I usually go Zara's online catalogue before I head to the store and it's often in this branch that I would find those items from the online catalogue. It also doesn't have that much of a high traffic so you can take your time, you can stand in front of a full length mirror without fighting your way among the crowd, no long waits at the dressing rooms. (I don't think they carry men's in this branch.)

Though the Ngee Ann City branch is the most accessible to me (it's in the same tower as my gym), it is the most poorly maintained. With the high volume of traffic, clothes are always strewn about, items all mixed in the racks, those that are folded look like a hurricane just went through them that it's hard to find anything. It's so stressful and overwhelming.

Pull & Bear ION Orchard
This one is definitely my go-to shop for street style. While the price point is similar to other fellow Spanish brands like Mango and Zara, their aesthetic is more effortless street cool. I love that even as a fast-fashion brand, P&B still has it's distinct point of view - muted colors, oversize fits (my weakness!), tomboy dresses and statement tees.
My favorite branch is again the one at ION Orchard because they are well-stocked especially during the sale season, you won't have a hard time finding things in your size. Another tip, use the men's dressing room to avoid the queues.

Cotton On 313 Somerset
I don't know what it is with this Australian brand that insists on renting out limited floor spaces then taking up as much of this floor space with clothes/displays as much as they can. Don't go into any Cotton On store and expect orderliness. It's just not gonna happen. Even the clothes they take out on display are mostly wrinkled and badly handled. To add to this chaos, extremely loud music (often of the semi-metal crap persuasion) attacks your hearing in the cramped space. Despite these though, I still go because they know how to make button-down's. I find it hard to find a button-down top for ladies that doesn't have those tucks under the chest area or at the back. (Do you know what I'm talking about?) I prefer one that's shapeless and loose and Cotton On knows how to make 'em. I suggest to check out the Somerset branch because they often mark down their stocks -even the new ones - while the other branches sell them at full price.

Happy shopping!

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