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Friday, 21 October 2011

feeling mod-ish

I'll make this a quick one since I'm in a pile of to-do list this Friday afternoon. 

I just wanted to share this look before it gets buried in my flickr photostream. :P

I adore the mix of the black and white stripes (I'd like to think it's a bit mod-ish stripes) and the bright green men's tee. Sometimes, I often resort to pairing blacks or whites or more neutral tones like navy or nude on a prints but slowly I'm trying to experiment with more color. These two pieces are my two favorite garments at the moment. (I'm sure you've noticed as both have already made previous appearances. :P). And they are cheap too! Together they only cost me less than $20. I'm so glad H&M is finally in Singapore!

I was wearing H&M skirt and men's tee, lace-up booties from Zara, silver bracelets from Forever 21.

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