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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

another safari inspiration

In case I didn't stress enough on my safari aspirations in my previous post, decided to pair my much-loved utility vest (are you sick of it yet???) with my animal print shorts.
You have to admit, without the vest, this outfit would look like I'm going for a quick nasi lemak run at my neighborhood hawker center. The vest just ties everything together.
Try this out: to make a pair of shorts more work-appropriate, finish off by adding some structure with a blazer or a vest (you can wear a menswear-inspired waistcoat if utility is not your thing).
I hesitated buying this pair of shorts because animal print is not really my thing. But with a black-and-white pair, I feels less self-conscious.

I was wearing Zara top, animal print shorts from Cotton On, Liz Claiborne utility vest, Zara lace-up booties, socks from Commode.

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