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Friday, 21 October 2011

updating an old denim jacket

As promised in a previous post, I will share with you how I updated this old denim jacket.

Tada! I've decided to cut the sleeves off and make a denim vest out of it! (Thankfully, I found an awesome tailor-auntie near my workplace who does awesome jobs like this.) 
I've had this jacket hiding in my closet for awhile now because frankly, it is now one size too small and it would be such a shame to keep this awesome staple hidden. I love it so much I've been wearing almost everyday this week and you will be seeing more of it as I can think of many other ways to wear this.

The red pants, the denim vest - this looks feels so 80s save that the t-shirt pays homage to one of the most defining bands of the 90s. Ha!

Also wore it on our office's Purple Day when our founder was in town for a visit. And yes, that checked purple-and-green shirt is the only purple I could find.

The earth-y color combination works well with my orange nail polish, I think.

Going to your local tailor to have your older clothes re-sized or re-styled is one of the best and cheapest ways to update your wardrobe. 

I was wearing: 
First look - Nirvana tee from H&M, Ma's hand-me-down red pants, Charles & Keith shoes
Second look - Regatta top (hand-me-down from Ma), Mossimo skinny cargo pants, belt from Uniqlo, Charles & Keith shoes
All with denim vest courtesy of Rensky

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