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Thursday, 19 January 2012

just in: red skinny pants

I have been in search of a pair of red skinny pants even before the holidays. I intended to wear them at Christmas. Unfortunately, the pair that I have been eyeing at Zara was so ill-fitting that I gave up all hope. But, better late than never! I've finally found the perfect pair (great fit + great shade) of red skinny pants at Forever 21 - and at a great price too ($39)! Meanwhile, the pair from Zara cost $69 - good things come to those who wait, indeed.

Also dropped by H&M and found some interesting new accessories. As you probably have noticed, I'm into chunky silvers so I've decided to pick up this silver choker for a great  - and this time - subtle accessorizing.

I couldn't resist this leaf-shaped ring. I think it recalls a bit of Grecian style. Even Ma picked up one for herself.

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