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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

wear your heart on your shirt

Proudly wore my Hellas tee a few days after they lost the quarterfinal match to Germany. hellas_3

Adidas sells special Euro 2012 t-shirts for the teams they sponsor. 
It's actually really hard to find a Greece football jersey/tee in Singapore. While Germany, France, Spain and England jerseys (and all other merch!) are everywhere, a Greek supporter/fan would be hard-pressed to find one. So I'm glad to see this!

Here I am again mixing this basic tee with a floral skirt. 

I'd like to think that the floral skirt and the colorful bracelets reflect the colors and beauty of the Greek islands. (How's that for symbolic dressing?! :P)

I was wearing: Hellas tee from Adidas, H&M floral skirt (picked up from Athens, actually!), Bayo shoes, leather bracelets from Boracay.

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