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Sunday, 1 July 2012

just in: serendipity edition

H&M Conscious Collection salmon lace skirt - $24.90

Two Fridays ago, I meant to participate at my gym's special Body Pump challenge. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to leave work in time so I didn't make it to class. Since I was already in Orchard Rd, I decided to drop by H&M. I didn't even spot this skirt until I was on my way out. I was drawn to this shade of salmon

and this gold zipper detail at the back.
Thinking of pairing this with a bright blue men's tee, white button-down or denim shirt.

Speaking of denim shirt, the Zara sale is on. Dropped by yesterday and managed to pick this up. 

Zara short-sleeved denim shirt marked down from $69.90 to $49.90

Saw this shirt weeks ago and I already liked the soft denim material and the light wash. But I found it a bit pricey. Patience rewards this time! 

I also like this unfinished detailing on the sleeve.
I can already think of many items in my closet that I can pair this with. Winner!

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  1. Great finds! Love the idea of that denim top with the skirt!