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Thursday, 23 May 2013

summer inspiration

After that awful series of pics from my previous post, let's look at beautiful pictures. Love this styling for the summer editorial of Vogue Paris May issue shot by Gilles Bensimon. My fave looks are:

Key take-away's:
1. Boyfriend jeans folded at the hem, a pair of boat shoes and loose top for that relaxed weekend look.
2. Loose button-down - every girl should have this in her closet
3. Nothing spells summer than Blue and White. 
4. Gold hoop earrings - delish!
5. Breton shirt is a summer staple

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

i will never be caught in...

1. Bebe

Whenever I happen to pass along the Bebe shop in the mall on my way to the gym, I always cringe at the sight of what's on the mannequins. It's a brand that is the complete opposite of my own style point of view. I mean may I present below: Exhibit A: Really??? Cut-out na nga body con pa. While Exhibit B reminds of that episode on Friends where Rachel met Joshua's parents in her undergarments. This brand is the very representation of Kim Kardashian and ugh! I would never!

 2. Nail Art
What is it about this trend that it.just.won't.die!?! Nails are not an art canvas and nail art is just not classy. Once, I even saw this woman with bejeweled nail art so she looked like she had barnacles growing out of her hands. And when I googled "nail art", I found this:

And this:


3. Vibram Five Fingers

You've probably seen one of these grotesque shoes at the gym. It's supposedly to be designed to make your feet stronger while running or sprinting. thanks. You know never mind wearing this at the gym - if you must. But it's totally unforgivable to wear this with jeans and head to work. *SMH*

What are your fashion no-no's?


Monday, 20 May 2013

music and me: bon iver

Last month, I launched a new series on the blog called Music and Me. You'll find my first entry here. Today, I am featuring another look inspired by another artist that I am absolutely in awe of - Bon Iver.

This indie folk band fronted by singer-songwriter Justin Vernon produces rich and melodic soundscapes accompanied by deeply personal and reflective lyrics. 

Here's one of the best live versions of Calgary, one of my favorite Bon Iver songs.

Frontman Justin Vernon is often in t-shirts and that hipster uniform, the plaid shirt.  

bon iver_2
Beanie, plaid shirt, Ray-ban frames, skinny jeans and boots, disheveled hair. Yup. (Of course, the beanie was just for photo-op and didn't actually wear them out.)

bon iver_1
Saw Justin Vernon performing their cover of I Can't Make You Love Me wearing a similar yellow beanie. Funny story about the beanie. I lost this twice - the first when I was biking on a rainy morning in Kos. Good thing the store I accidentally lost this in kept it aside for me. (It wasn't too difficult to forget me as I was probably the only Asian in the entire island!). Second while I was at my favorite bookstore in Athens. I 've walked around the store for a bit before I realized it was missing. Retraced my steps and found it. This really is for me. :)

I was wearing: Plaid shirt from Cotton On, Mossimo jean from Target (US), H&M boots and beanie.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

1 skirt 2 looks

Last month, I told you about this new "circle skirt" that I picked up from New Look. I generally stay away from balloon skirts but I liked the fit when I tried it on and I wanted to try something different. (And I think this short balloon skirt is on trend as I see similar pairs at H&M and Topshop.) So far, I've been almost living in my new skirt. I wanted to avoid wearing this with a button-down which is probably how most people would wear this. Frankly, that bores me! Here are two looks I've done with the skirt.

Look 1: Relaxed fit

Paired with a loose jersey top for a relaxed look.


With my favorite partial tuck to show off the belt.

Look 2: Black and white

Paired with a simple black and white tank top. 

Paired with neutral lace-up booties.

And my silver statement necklace to dress up the tank top.

I am wearing:
Look 1: New Look skirt, top from Shana, Charles & Keith court shoes
Look 2: New Look skirt, tank top from Cotton On, Zara lace-up booties, Forever 21 statement necklace

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

just in: gym shoes

After 4 10K runs, 3 40-km cycle challenges and countless hours of Body Pump, Body Combat, Spin and Zumba, my old pair of gym shoes is ready to retire. So finally picked up this new pair of Nikes.


When it comes to gym shoes, I don't go after the super expensive pairs that boasts of technological designs and innovations that should make you feel like you're flying on air instead of pounding the pavement. I feel for that when I picked up a pair of Nike Frees and they are hell to wear on Body Combat. According to a NYT article I read several years back, all these innovative pairs are no different than any other pair of Nikes. I believe this. I think what's most important is that the shoes offer protection and stability when doing sprints or jumps. This pair is on sale from a few seasons back, I guess. I don't really know what model it is. I just know that they are cheap ($95 on sale!), comfy and neon!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

style inspiration

Love this sweater and full skirt looks as compiled by the Style Copycat. I'm especially in love with the first two looks. I've always liked the idea of pairing a delicate skirt with a knit.