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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

i will never be caught in...

1. Bebe

Whenever I happen to pass along the Bebe shop in the mall on my way to the gym, I always cringe at the sight of what's on the mannequins. It's a brand that is the complete opposite of my own style point of view. I mean may I present below: Exhibit A: Really??? Cut-out na nga body con pa. While Exhibit B reminds of that episode on Friends where Rachel met Joshua's parents in her undergarments. This brand is the very representation of Kim Kardashian and ugh! I would never!

 2. Nail Art
What is it about this trend that it.just.won't.die!?! Nails are not an art canvas and nail art is just not classy. Once, I even saw this woman with bejeweled nail art so she looked like she had barnacles growing out of her hands. And when I googled "nail art", I found this:

And this:


3. Vibram Five Fingers

You've probably seen one of these grotesque shoes at the gym. It's supposedly to be designed to make your feet stronger while running or sprinting. thanks. You know never mind wearing this at the gym - if you must. But it's totally unforgivable to wear this with jeans and head to work. *SMH*

What are your fashion no-no's?



  1. Ahhhh I have the same visceral reaction to Vibram Five Fingers. Ick factor to the max!