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Monday, 29 April 2013

music and me

Because music, like dressing up is a big part of my everyday and one of my favorite indulgences, I thought I'd start a new series here on the blog matching outfits with specific songs or artists. 

It's not a big surprise really as music has always influenced fashion (just look at what's walking on the runway and what kids were listening to in the 90s!) and some of the biggest musicians are known not just for their music but for their iconic fashion.

I'll start off with my go-to look (equally, my go-to music on the iPod) - 90s alternative. 

Part of the 90s Brit pop/post-punk movement is Elastica made up of 3 girls and 1 guy. Their style of all black/tomboy look have resonated with me throughout the years and I usually resort to this look when I'm feeling badass. 

My take
This look came to be cause I am so in love with my new black boots. I've tried them paired in with my usual uniform of pencil skirt and boots but this time, I wanted to max out their full tomboy-tough chick potential. 

Decided to pair with my black skinny pants and loose camo top (which I super love btw. It's the perfect type of loose for me.) As a bonus point, I just love how the black and black immediately elongated my otherwise stumpy legs. :P

These boots are love.

I was wearing: Camo top gifted by Cuz, black skinny pants from Coats at Tangs (old), H&M boots.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Spring's printed pants/leggings

I'm crushing on this season's printed pants/leggings and now that Spring/Summer season is here, there are so many vibrant colors in fun summery prints that are available out there. 

In particular, I'm loving Stradivarius' collection of printed leggings.

Wearing printed leggings is a bit tricky. You have to pick prints carefully so that you don't end dressing like an auntie. Eepp! So I'm glad to see this collection from Stradivarius - go boho paired with wedge sandals or a little tomboy with boots. Check out the rest of the prints here.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

my Coachella lookbook

No! I wasn't at Coachella but the past two weekends, we've been bombarded with photos of the Coachella fashions - from the urban-Boho mash-up to Flower Power flowy dresses to 90s grunge fashion.
(Though I must say some of the celeb styles were a bit try-hard (*cough* Vanessa Hudgens)

Looking through some of my own outfit posts, I realize I can re-use these for a Coachella lookbook.

My version of the urban boho by combining this tie-dyed flowy dress with my utility vest. 

Keeping the tie-dye theme with these pants topped off with a denim vest. The ankle boots seems to be a Coachella staple. This pair is a comfy one with a low heel but even then, I can't imagine wearing this while standing on Coachella grounds all day. I'd probably swap with flat ones.

A throwback to the 70s Flower Power - bell-bottomed jeans.

Or, paying homage to my favorite decade - my own growing up years - the 90s grunge! Nirvana Nevermind tee and denim cut-offs (another Coachella staple).

Denim cut-offs + ankle boots are the Coachella must-haves. 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

letting loose

Wore this on a Friday casual day at work. As you can see, I am already dressed for the weekend. :P
I love well-tailored looks but sometimes keeping things loose and relaxed like this works well too.

This is my favorite trick in ~dressing up a pair of shorts - with a dressier top and a some heels.


I was wearing: Oversized button-down from H&M, denim shorts from Bossini, court shoes from Charles & Keith.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

something new

A few new things I recently picked up:

Printed leggings from Stradivarius
I'm not really into leggings but for some reason I can't get out the image of styling a printed pair with boots and a loose top. So I just had to pick up a pair. 
Balloon skirt from New Look
Another item that I usually don't gravitate to, but I love this pair and I'm thinking of wearing it mod-style with stripes and boots. 

Friday, 12 April 2013


Picked up these tie-dyed pants on my recent trip to Kos. I didn't realize that tie-dye is making a comeback (hello 90s fashion!). 

I put together this look with a music festival in mind. :P

Paired with a simple white tee and denim vest.

I normally wouldn't pair a loose pair with boots but this pair actually tapers at the bottom so I can tuck them into the boots which helps it from looking too loose.
Outfit details

I was wearing: Tie-dye pants from Pink Woman (Kos), top from Cotton On, old denim vest, booties from Bershka. 

Monday, 8 April 2013

sweating it!

My outfit posts are back! My photographer was away for two weeks so I wasn't able to take outfit posts. So I will have a bit of outfit posts overload in the next few posts.

Remember these sweats? Well, I am not over the trendy sporty chic trend just yet. 
I love how this look turned out. I think the cobalt blue worked well with the gray sweats. It's also a very comfy outfit for a hot day. 
Topped the outfit off with my leopard print shoes.

I was wearing: Men's t-shirt from H&M, Uniqlo sweat pants, shoes from Charles & Keith.

Friday, 5 April 2013

The Sapphire Way - a photo diary 2

More pictures from the magical island of Kos, Greece. 
The best way to explore the island is to rent one of these bikes. Most of the island is flat and there are bicycle lanes practically everywhere in town and in main sections leading to the villages.

I loved hanging by the harbour in the early mornings when it is full of activity with fishing boats lined up and fishermen selling the day's catch. At dusk, the harbour becomes a beautiful place of solace while waiting for the sun to set.

One other thing I fell in love with in the island are the cute cats of Kos. She loves the camera. :P

At Kostown's Plateia (Square). This local market sells all the local products.
My ever-dependable Nike's. The most perfect travel companion.

I hardly got to do any outfit posts as it was 5 degrees and raining most of the days I was in Kos. Here I am the night I was heading back to Athens. Waiting to catch my ferry at 2 am -  when the temperature drops so I wore all the warmest and comfy clothing I own. I got so much mileage from this camo/parka which kept me warm. It's ideal for travelling with the hood and huge pockets. Well worth it. 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Sapphire Way: a photo diary

The great Edith Wharton once said of her 4-month cruise in the Greek islands (that left her and her husband without income for the rest of the year), "Only twice in my life have I been able to put all practical cares out of my mind for months, and each time it has been on a voyage in the Aegean."

I must say I've been bitten by the same bug as the one that Wharton caught. I've had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Greek islands several times and each time it leaves me more in love with the culture, people and natural wonders of Greece.

The harbour of Kos - a small island in the Dodecanese (near Rhodes and Patmos) in southeaster Greece. While popular for its emerald beaches and a favourite in the Summer, I must admit that it was even more rewarding to come here in the Winter - it is a time when you really get to know the island as it is, like a local. I felt very welcome among the friendly locals and I've grown to love the simple life and on chilly days biking around the island.
Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, is believed to have been born in Kos. This tree (Plane Tree of Hippocrates) is the site where he would hold his lectures. The tree is dead and is only held up by these scaffolding.
On the way to Asklepeio, a traditional Greek village.
Behind the grazing cattle is the blue waters of the Aegean. On the other side of the Aegean is Bodrum, Turkey. Kos is only 3km away from this port in Turkey. Even in Winter, there are daily ferries that shuttle to and from both islands.
Vintage Vespa scooters are the locals' transportation of choice. 

Monday, 1 April 2013

just in: black boots

I can never own too much boots and just got this new pair of black ones from H&M.
As you know, I have a pair of flat ankle boots that I love to bits but this time around, I wanted a pair of black ones with a bit of heel so I can wear with shorter skirts or shorts.

It's not very obvious here but the leather has a worn-in finish which I love. They are super comfy too so I can pretty much wear them all the time.