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Monday, 29 April 2013

music and me

Because music, like dressing up is a big part of my everyday and one of my favorite indulgences, I thought I'd start a new series here on the blog matching outfits with specific songs or artists. 

It's not a big surprise really as music has always influenced fashion (just look at what's walking on the runway and what kids were listening to in the 90s!) and some of the biggest musicians are known not just for their music but for their iconic fashion.

I'll start off with my go-to look (equally, my go-to music on the iPod) - 90s alternative. 

Part of the 90s Brit pop/post-punk movement is Elastica made up of 3 girls and 1 guy. Their style of all black/tomboy look have resonated with me throughout the years and I usually resort to this look when I'm feeling badass. 

My take
This look came to be cause I am so in love with my new black boots. I've tried them paired in with my usual uniform of pencil skirt and boots but this time, I wanted to max out their full tomboy-tough chick potential. 

Decided to pair with my black skinny pants and loose camo top (which I super love btw. It's the perfect type of loose for me.) As a bonus point, I just love how the black and black immediately elongated my otherwise stumpy legs. :P

These boots are love.

I was wearing: Camo top gifted by Cuz, black skinny pants from Coats at Tangs (old), H&M boots.

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