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Friday, 5 April 2013

The Sapphire Way - a photo diary 2

More pictures from the magical island of Kos, Greece. 
The best way to explore the island is to rent one of these bikes. Most of the island is flat and there are bicycle lanes practically everywhere in town and in main sections leading to the villages.

I loved hanging by the harbour in the early mornings when it is full of activity with fishing boats lined up and fishermen selling the day's catch. At dusk, the harbour becomes a beautiful place of solace while waiting for the sun to set.

One other thing I fell in love with in the island are the cute cats of Kos. She loves the camera. :P

At Kostown's Plateia (Square). This local market sells all the local products.
My ever-dependable Nike's. The most perfect travel companion.

I hardly got to do any outfit posts as it was 5 degrees and raining most of the days I was in Kos. Here I am the night I was heading back to Athens. Waiting to catch my ferry at 2 am -  when the temperature drops so I wore all the warmest and comfy clothing I own. I got so much mileage from this camo/parka which kept me warm. It's ideal for travelling with the hood and huge pockets. Well worth it. 

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