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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Sapphire Way: a photo diary

The great Edith Wharton once said of her 4-month cruise in the Greek islands (that left her and her husband without income for the rest of the year), "Only twice in my life have I been able to put all practical cares out of my mind for months, and each time it has been on a voyage in the Aegean."

I must say I've been bitten by the same bug as the one that Wharton caught. I've had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Greek islands several times and each time it leaves me more in love with the culture, people and natural wonders of Greece.

The harbour of Kos - a small island in the Dodecanese (near Rhodes and Patmos) in southeaster Greece. While popular for its emerald beaches and a favourite in the Summer, I must admit that it was even more rewarding to come here in the Winter - it is a time when you really get to know the island as it is, like a local. I felt very welcome among the friendly locals and I've grown to love the simple life and on chilly days biking around the island.
Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, is believed to have been born in Kos. This tree (Plane Tree of Hippocrates) is the site where he would hold his lectures. The tree is dead and is only held up by these scaffolding.
On the way to Asklepeio, a traditional Greek village.
Behind the grazing cattle is the blue waters of the Aegean. On the other side of the Aegean is Bodrum, Turkey. Kos is only 3km away from this port in Turkey. Even in Winter, there are daily ferries that shuttle to and from both islands.
Vintage Vespa scooters are the locals' transportation of choice. 

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