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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

my Coachella lookbook

No! I wasn't at Coachella but the past two weekends, we've been bombarded with photos of the Coachella fashions - from the urban-Boho mash-up to Flower Power flowy dresses to 90s grunge fashion.
(Though I must say some of the celeb styles were a bit try-hard (*cough* Vanessa Hudgens)

Looking through some of my own outfit posts, I realize I can re-use these for a Coachella lookbook.

My version of the urban boho by combining this tie-dyed flowy dress with my utility vest. 

Keeping the tie-dye theme with these pants topped off with a denim vest. The ankle boots seems to be a Coachella staple. This pair is a comfy one with a low heel but even then, I can't imagine wearing this while standing on Coachella grounds all day. I'd probably swap with flat ones.

A throwback to the 70s Flower Power - bell-bottomed jeans.

Or, paying homage to my favorite decade - my own growing up years - the 90s grunge! Nirvana Nevermind tee and denim cut-offs (another Coachella staple).

Denim cut-offs + ankle boots are the Coachella must-haves. 

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