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Monday, 6 February 2012

shapes and sizes

I saw this Nike Women ad making the rounds in Facebook:

I wanted to post this here to put things back into perspective. Sometimes when I look at all these fashion bloggers with their long skinny legs and arms, it's so easy to fall prey to want to achieve that model/waif-ish figure. I admit, even until now - if I don't check myself - I can so easily fall victim to this mentality. "Drainpipes look so much better on long skinny legs, etc. etc." 
So this post is me reminding myself  to embrace and love what my body has become after 7 years of working hard at the gym. No shame in muscles and strength. 



  1. you go!! and Nike Lady looks awesome. I wish "ambassador" was spelled correctly though. Or is that some regional style quirk?

  2. Diba? She looks awesome.
    "Embassador" is misspelled, sadly.