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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

in the pink

I'm not a V-day scrooge or anything but I'm not one to make much fuss about it, this year though I  had this idea to wear this outfit for Valentine's last week, y'know just to be a bit ironic, I suppose...but no, I won't hear the end of it so I chickened out and now wearing my supposedly V Day outfit a week later.

Look who's ready for the summer?! 

Actually, I was inspired by this styling from Zara's March 2012 lookbook

Image from

I liked the combination of bright pink neutralized by solid white that I decided to dig out this skirt - which I've only worn once before - and paired with my favorite button-down.

To add to the colorful outfit, I've matched my Greek evil eye DIY necklace.

And knotted the oversized top to add a bit of structure.

I was wearing: Cotton On button-down, skirt from H&M, shoes from Athens.

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