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Thursday, 29 August 2013

travel outfit

Just a selfie to show you what I consider my optimum travel outfit. Taken from my recent trip to Hong Kong.
My ~fanny pack to hold all my valuables (cash, passport, phone), backpack to hold all the bulkier stuff like water, snack, book (cause I never leave home without!), map, etc and the comfiest pieces of clothing and shoes I own! It continually puzzles me when I see tourists who know they will be spending the entire day sightseeing and yet choose to wear heeled sandals, party dresses (it's perfectly acceptable to wear a dress but a jewel-toned taffeta dress and I came across this more than once?!) and a clutch. *SMH* 

I was wearing: Loose tank from Cotton On, Forever 21 skinny jeans, Nike shoes, backpack from H&M Men's and belt bag gifted from Moro Mou (Athens).

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