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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

music and me: edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

It's the return of Music and Me. I've been discovering a lot of great new music lately since Spotify has launched in Singapore. My best discovery are Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, an indie-folk 12-man band that includes a infuses gospel and folk with melodious and sing-along inducing harmony. They give off a very travelling minstrel vibe. 

The band members themselves have very interesting fashion sense.

The group's frontman, Alex Ebert with his signature Jesus locks, testament beard and loose white caftan and pants combo. Jade, the female vocalist favors 50s style flowy dresses.

Home, my favorite, reminds me of hot summer days, running around the beach eating watermelons and my favorite boy (who's celebrating his birthday today.) "Anywhere we go is home".
What better way to recall those summer days but with long, flowy white dresses! Here's my interpretation of Edward Sharpe's music.

edward sharpe_3
edward sharpe_2
edward sharpe_1
I was wearing: Zara white summer dress, DIY denim jacket (pilfered from Rensky), gladiator sandals from Melissinos (Athens).

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