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Sunday, 15 April 2012

my outfit: 1984 edition

While in Manila, Ma and I had gone through a spring-cleaning of sorts digging through our boxes. (I also found Ma's awesome gray suit and have amazing plans for it. Can't wait to show this to you in an outfit post.)

I found this precious pic!
I remember exactly when this photo was taken. It was when I got my brand-spankin' new pair of Mighty Kid kicks! :) Seems I already like taking outfit photos even then. 

I was wearing: Shirt and shorts from SM (Manila), sneakers from Mighty Kid, watch gifted by aunt.


  1. OMG Jen that is adorable!! I have super fond memories of Mighty Kids too. I had a red and pink velcro closure pair that I'd wear in the garden while playing (feel na feel ko siya kahit sa bahay.)

  2. Hi Iggy,
    Yes! I love my Mighty Kid shoes. They remind me of sweaty summer afternoons spent outdoors. :)