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Friday, 20 April 2012

the day she said "i do"

On March 28, my dearest Cuz walked down the aisle to meet her Prince. The wedding's motif are M&M colors of blue, red, green, yellow and orange. Guests and members of the entourage were requested to dress up in these 5 colors. 

As Cuz's bridesmaid, she requested me to color-block blue and red. I chose to wear this simple ensemble. Honestly, I meant for the blouse to be more oversized and slouchy but I think it turned out fine (and oh-so-current with that peplum effect).

My Ma and cousin Karen were matching in orange and gold accents.

Also got the chance to meet my dear reader Tons color-blocking with this lovely shade of blue and orange, with red accents. Nice to meet you Tons!

And now here are some pictures of the lovely bride and groom:
Many were already in tears (including myself!) even before the doors opened up to reveal Cuz in her beautiful gown. The lovely windy weather created a beautiful, dramatic effect.

Sharing their vows

The radiant bride as they walked out of the church.

At the wedding reception.

We "freed up" M&M-colored balloons with out scribbled messages and wishes for the couple.

With their cute boys (who were dressed in their tux) Marriott and Morgan.

Cheers, Cuz and Mac. May you have a lifetime of happiness together. 

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