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Saturday, 26 May 2012

on picking battles

Lately, I've been wearing a lot of my comfortable wedge sandals, kitty heels or loafers because the new office location requires a whole lot of walking and running after the bus and going up the covered walk-way, etc. 

But then there are days when I just don't feel reasonable and just want to walk around in heels. They may not be comfortable, but there's no denying the confidence that a pair of heels can do to a girl and to an outfit. 

Thankfully, Plus Size Fasyon Mudra has shared her little secret to wearing heels for the day.

So on Friday, I dared to break in my new pair of black pointy three-inch heels.break-in_1

But ala-Plus Size Fasyon Mudra, I wore a pair of comfy flats during the commute.

Voila! From fierce to comfy in an instant. Chose this pair of black TOMS for my back-up pair since it's made of canvas so pretty light to pack in my work bag.

This great little tip doesn't just help the feet, they also help the shoes! You can avoid wearing them out from rain, mud, rough pavement and other elements. 

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