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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

wishlist: printed kimono-style blazer

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Life has been full of distractions lately - a (too) short trip back to Manila (where I scored neon tops from Blanco on sale!) and getting sick (you can tell when you're getting older when a garden-variety flu is so hard to kick!), I didn't have much time nor the energy to get ~dressed up. On these days, I end up on my favorite looks - skinny jeans or pencil skirts and ankle boots. 

Anyway, I was finally feeling better last weekend and decided to go window shopping. Most stores are now stocking up on their Spring collection and I can't be more than happy to see colors again (and weather-appropriate pieces!) 

Dropped by Zara and fell in love with this kimono-style blazer. 

I love the print and the colors and how it can immediately elevate any look. Will look so good with an all-white look (I'm so drawn to white lately!) or a black pencil skirt and tank top. Costs a bit bit on the steeper side for me but I'm trying to justify the purchase by saying the last time I've bought a blazer was 2 years ago at Topshop. It's time for a new one!

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