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Thursday, 11 July 2013

birthday wishlist

My birthday is coming up pretty soon and since I have already gifted myself something cool and have dropped some cash at the Zara sale (I just couldn't resist! So many awesome pieces from last season. I will show you soon!) last weekend, my birthday wishlist is actually very short and simple.

Aside from a good, ole, dependable bag, I am in love with this new fragrance from Guerlain. Became interested when I noticed the graphic - I love it! When the fragrance launched in Takashimaya, they were handing out small vials for free. When it comes to fragrance, I have a sensitive nose and a super strong one gives me a headache. But this has a very light floral scent.


  1. Hey. So I hear it's your birthday today. Happy birthday! I hope someone gifts you with your scent of choice. ;D